Every Avenue

Shh, Just Go With It

To be blunt, Every Avenue’s debut full-length sounds like another Fall Out Boy rip-off, but with less bitter lyrics. A few songs resurfaced from the band’s 2007 EP Ah!, and the new material is more of the same—songs about girls with catchy hooks and sing-along choruses. A perfect example of the formula is “Between You And I,” when vocalist David Ryan gets far too emo for our liking, singing, “Between you and I, she could never compare to you/Between you and I, I keep your pictures under the bed/Where she gives herself to me and I give myself to you.” (Pete Wentz would never pen something that sappy.) Every Avenue aren’t unlistenable; Shh, Just Go With It is a very tight, polished product. But the bottom line is they’re not Fall Out Boy—they should stop trying to be.

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