Shreddy Krueger

Curses EP

Coming from Kelowna, British Columbia, could be a daunting prospect for any band, never mind a “modern” metalcore act like Shreddy Krueger (who definitely should have stuck with their old name, Secret & Whisper). It’s a small town (trust us, we’ve been there) with not a lot of outside inspiration or drawing points. So that throws Shreddy (ugh) immediately into a position of leadership locally, and the tendency is to up the ante, ape the masters and ultimately fold under the pressures of being that small-town band that desperately wants to make it big.

 Luckily, Shredd—uh, this band are able taskmasters, laying down a formidable bottom end crunch akin to latter Norma Jean (bass rumbles to die for) and layering over top of the reverberations some genuinely inventive riffing (see the title track) and a singer who isn’t constantly wallowing in his own douche juices. Sure, the guy tries to emote and almost always ends up going too high-end and whiny, but he also has an angsty scream and a pretty respectable death crunch. While “The Lion And The Pariah” is the floweriest track of the bunch, all sensitive and serious and downright pompous, it’s the only real dud in the bunch. They even throw in a cool little fakeout intro track called “Vices,” which is probably the best way any metalcore band from Kelowna, British Columbia, has ever started a debut EP. Keep an eye out for Shre—um, yeah, these guys.