Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes

"Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight (An Introduction)," the minute-long burst of angst, rage, and crushing breakdowns that kicks off AFI's third album, Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes, is more than just a little intro. It's a statement of intentand a blistering one at that. Finally shedding the prank-call sense of humor that marked their first two full-lengths, the band forge ahead into a darker, moodier realm. The songs are still fast, short and madthat is, except for the nearly three-minute-long "Third Season," a stomping, Danzig-esque anthem that hints at the range of Davey Havok's emerging swagger. Dramatic, dynamic and aimed inward as well as out, Havok's vocals coax angels one second and strip paint off the walls the next, with lyrics that finally surpass the ninjas-and-NyQuil level. For the first time, AFI aren’t joking. And it suits them well.