Shy Kidx

Orion EP

Shy Kidx has to be one of the most anachronistic acts that Epitaph has aligned itself with in its long history: an actual electronic dance music act. These aren't club remixes of punk tunes, or hard-hitting industrialized ragers. The three songs on Shy Kidx's first EP for the California label are throbbing electro bangers, all big bass hits and four-to-the-floor beats. Such is the way of the world right now: The kids with the laptops have the attention of the 18-34 populace, and the folks that claim to be on the cutting edge are scrambling to keep pace with the times. If we are to believe what Epitaph has to say about the EDM revolution, it is simply the next evolution in “punk.”

No matter what label's logo is printed on the artwork for this EP, there's not denying that these three tracks are some of the better of the modern bass-heavy ilk. The title track is an especially tasty bit of wobble and disco synths. The 4/4 bass provides a nice foundation for the little melodic wiggling and angular bits of glitter to impishly interrupt the natural flow. The closing track “Final Warning” takes even more chances, starting off with a stuttering beat that unfolds into a jungle juke and then completes the metamorphosis into a huge dubstep conclusion. It's a quick history of bass music knocked out in just over three-and-a-half minutes. Marketing ploy or not, at least we know the folks in charge at Epitaph still have impeccable taste. And if Orion is only the first in a run EDM releases by this venerable label, we can't wait to see what they unleash next.


“Final Warning”