All Time Low

So Wrong, It’s Right

All Time Low don’t rewrite pop-punk rules by filling their records with dramatic musical innovations or profound personal revelations. But the thing All Time Low do-write pitch-perfect pop-punk anthems designed for sunny days at the beach/mall and evenings under the stars/influence-they do really freaking well. Weightless wonders like “The Beach” and “Six Feet Under The Stars” come with carefree, highly contagious melodies, while “Let It Roll” and “Shameless” ride high on muscular guitars that recall the licks New Found Glory employed during their, well, glory years. But the sleeper could be “Remembering Sunday,” a poppy-but-poignant call-and-answer between emerging frontman Alex Gaskarth and guest vocalist Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter that hits satisfying notes of lost love with tenderness. Apart from that track, there’s less variety here than you’ll find in a flannel factory, but it rarely matters since All Time Low’s sugary confections are consistently delicious. Better still, So Wrong, It’s Right manages to stay sweet without drowning in genre cliches. And you know what that means: No cavities!

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