Room To Run

Given their impressive pedigrees, it would have been easy for States—boasting former members of Copeland and Lydia—to coast on the successes of their former projects. But instead of replicating anything in their collective back catalogs, Room To Run marks the quartet’s coming-out party. The band’s debut full-length is undoubtedly the most energetic release the members have been a part of, and they dress up numbers like “Right Or Not” and “Versus The Mirror” with the kind of purpose and pep that gives them their own unique identity.

Room To Run’s best quality is the fine line it walks between accessible and authentic—melodic without resorting to saccharine or pandering to the lowest common denominator. Frontwoman Mindy White is the star of the show, finally getting the chance to lead an entire album of songs instead of sharing vocal duties. When she makes it count (“Generation,” “Follow It Home”), it’s clear she’s grown leaps and bounds from her days in Lydia; her voice is strong, powerful and filled with emotion. Ultimately, the album could stand a slow-burner or two, á la some of Copeland’s best and most memorable numbers, but Room To Run still holds its own as a worthwhile introduction for a band with big shoes to fill.