Teenage Time Killers bring irresistible, delirious excitement to ‘Greatest Hits Vol. 1’

August 7, 2015
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Teenage Time Killers

Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Teenage Time Killers began with Corrosion Of Conformity drummer Reed Mullin and My Ruin guitarist Mick Murphy wanting to make a back-to-basics hardcore record. That the result is a 20-track album—featuring appearances by an almost ridiculously impressive array of rock, metal and punk luminaries—suggests that this idea was contagious. Scuzzy and simple (and with a little stoner and doom in the mix), the record crackles with energy, every song raising a smile. From the sinister romp of “Hung Out To Dry” (aided by Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe) to the deranged mania of “Ode To Sean Hannity” (starring Jello Biafra), there’s a sense of delirious excitement that is irresistible. It’s not a “clever” record in any sense, but who needs to think when the music is this much raucous fun?

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Ode To Sean Hannity

Written by Dan Slessor