The Aquabats

Radio Down! EP

There isn’t much that ties the Aquabats to their ska beginnings anymore. Much like their last album,Charge!!, this three-song EP gives the horns a rest, and lays down a heavy dose of synth melodies. If the lyrics of title track didn’t already encourage cranking up the volume and dancing like a fool, then the guest verse by Biz Markie would render that reaction involuntary. “Best Day Of My Life!” is an infectious, positive jam with a bonus 8-bit melody that sounds like an old NES rebuilt as a synthesizer. Although the last song “Playin’ It Cool!” delivers on the silly storyline and danceable beat, it doesn’t quite pack the same punch as the previous tracks. That said, if Radio Down! is a taste of what’s to come from next year’s full-length record, then Aquacadets can anticipate a fun adventure with their heroes.


“Radio Down!”