The Devil Wears Prada


The Linkin Park-ification of metalcore continues with the Devil Wears Prada’s latest album, 8:18. (Check the book of Romans.) That’s not meant to be a slight: There’s no doubting the influence Linkin Park wield over a whole generation of mosh-pit enthusiasts, so when guitarist/vocalist Jeremy DePoyster pulls off a pretty convincing Chester Bennington impersonation on “War” and “Care More,” it doesn’t feel phony (just kinda cheesy). Mike Hranica’s voice is as gut-wrenchingly brutal as ever, too (“Gloom”), and some songs find the band writing music outside their comfort zone (“First Sight” sounds like their interpretation of Touché Amoré, the title track definitely draws from latter-day Underoath and “Number Eleven” is a heavier Saosin). So while it’s a pretty fuckin’ solid record, what we really hope is that it results in a co-headlining tour with Bring Me The Horizon.


“First Sight”