The Early November

In Currents

This review originally ran in AP 289.

On their first album in six years, the Early November sound tired. That’s not to say the songs aren’t good—in fact, many are among the best frontman Ace Enders has ever written. But unlike many bands’ reunion albums, In Currents feels extremely melancholy and carries a lyrical tone of near-exhaustion—toward life (“A Stain On The Carpet”), love (“Call Off The Wedding Bells”) and of course, the music business (“Digital Age”). It’s a heavy record musically, too—Enders passionately belts his way through the album standout “Tell Me Why,” as his band chug through the most massive chorus of TEN’s career. Helping matters are Sergio Anello, whose bass playing has taken on a life of its own, and Jeff Kummer, whose drumming is propulsive and with purpose. This band never could have made this record without six years of not making music together—let’s hope the next one comes much sooner.


“Tell Me Why”