The Graduate

Only Every Time

Anhedonia, the debut album from central Illinois rock outfit the Graduate, was a critically acclaimed success. But then their label folded, sending the band on a two-year hiatus. Now having regrouped and signed with Razor & Tie, the Graduate deliver their sophomore effort, Only Every Time, which continues right where they left off. “Siren” starts with a simple drumbeat and strutting guitars before building into a rousing chorus (“So speak honestly/Give me something to believe/I’m already here so I’ll stay/I’m all yours until they put me in my grave”). “Pull Me In” is a beautifully crafted, slow building, sweeping song that showcases frontman Corey Warning’s powerful vocals. The Graduate’s growth over the past few years is quite significant, with Only Every Time meeting the high bar that they set with Anhedonia.

Razor & Tie