The Griswolds

High Times For Low Lives

Promising alt-pop newcomers

ROCKS LIKE: The Cab, (new) Set It Off, Against The Current

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: After accumulating quite a bit of success at home in Australia, the Griswolds are just as charming as the famous movie family they’re named after on their second full-length High Times For Low Lives. The quartet have pushed the pop in the alt-pop genre—taking chances in places they didn’t on their debut Be Impressive. While not all of those gambles paid off, they were worth the shot—the Griswolds have created a fun, light-hearted, youthful sophomore album that sets them up for a promising future.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Even though not every song hits the mark exactly, the Griswolds’ High Times For Low Lives inherits a tint of old school alt-pop nostalgia while possessing its fair share of unique moments. Armed with a catalog of infectious tunes, it’s only a matter of time the Australian group are put on a big bill in the United States.

OUR PICK: “Out Of My Head”