The Horrible Crowes


This review originally ran in AP 279.

Gaslight Anthem leader Brian Fallon doesn’t stray too far from his bread and butter on the Horrible Crowes’ debut, Elsie. The songs are generally a bit more reserved and subdued than Gaslight’s usual material, but Fallon still has a knack for killer hooks (“Behold The Hurricane,” “Sugar”). “Cherry Blossoms” is a subtly gorgeous, Tom Waits-esque ballad; “Ladykiller” is the perfect mixture of Wheat and Chamberlain; and “Mary Ann” is a gospel-rock stomper that’s heavier than anything Fallon’s ever done in his day job. Frankly, there isn’t a bad song out of the dozen here, nor a note of filler. And if we’re being totally honest, it’s better than just about everything the Gaslight Anthem have done to date. Perfect for night drives on long, winding roads.