The Story So Far

What You Don’t See

On their sophomore album, the Story So Far have polished their sound and grown into their instruments (or in frontman Parker Cannon’s case, his voice). What You Don’t See may be a bit more refined, but the fervent lyrics and emotive, driving pop-punk are still there. What You Don’t See is about a band dealing with the responsibilities (and sacrifices) that come with their chosen career—from the relationships that didn’t work (“Stifled”) to the friends they rarely see (“All Wrong”). In the hands of a lesser band, it could have turned into a cliché record. But with their no-holds-barred approach, TSSF have created an album that will help young listeners navigate the murky waters of growing up. As for the older listeners? Just appreciate the fact that a band this young are able to write an album this thoughtful and passionate.

Pure Noise