The Summer Set

Stories For Monday

Despite nearly disbanding in pursuit of other projects, the Summer Set wised up with their fourth studio effort. There’s still plenty of wink-wink attitude and vocal charm from Brian Dales, (particularly in the opening track, “Figure Me Out”) as well as the band doing what they do best: anthemic, roll-down-your-car-windows pop (“All Downhill From Here,” “The Night Is Young”). But when the “hell yeahs” and “all rights” fade out, it feels like pressing your ear to the door as a band says goodbye for the last time (“Wonder Years,” “When The Party Ends”). For a band who ultimately decided to soldier on, the album can feel unbalanced, but still delivers all the belting feel-good choruses that made you fall in love with the Arizona crew back in 2009. While past efforts have focused on life being a party, Stories For Monday posits what you do when the lights come on. 


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