The Wild Wild

Into The Sea, Into The Stars

The Wild Wild is the nom de keyboards of one Benjamin Dunn, a California-via-Illinois musician who writes, performs and records all of the group’s retro-glossy electropop. His full-length debut, Into The Sea, Into The Stars, is an impressive display of songwriting focus and attention to detail—from the antique music box twinkling on the moody instrumental “It’s Not The End” to the M83-meets-Owl City synthpop vibe of “The Astronaut” and the Passion Pit-caliber enthusiasm on “Alright.” Better still are the Eurogoth new wave throwback “Here She Comes” and album highlight “Sing,” which conjures MGMT at their poppiest. Nostalgia-dealing synth-pop groups are a dime a dozen these days, but The Wild Wild’s sincerity and talent make this album stand apart from the pack. 

Bastian! Records/Embassy Of Music