The World/Inferno Friendship Society

Turnstile Comix #2 EP

In this day and age, when MP3s rule the land, it’s becoming increasingly hard for bands—especially independent bands on a small budget—to sell physical records. While vinyl has seen something of a resurgence in recent years, it’s nothing like it used to be. That, obviously, is a shame, because releases like this demonstrate just how innovative, interesting and engaging physical formats can be. Brooklyn-based odd-punk collective the World/Inferno Friendship Society have teamed up with renowned punk rock comic artist Mitch Clem (Nothing Nice To Say, The Coffee Achievers) to release a 7-inch-sized comic book and record. On the music side, the band continue their usual fusion of punk, pop, pre-war jazz, folk and klezmer music to present three songs of rambunctious, joyous sounding (but actually kind of angst-ridden) idiosyncrasy. Busy and bristling with horns, backing singers and unusual instruments, there’s so much going on in “The Faster You Go The Better You Think” and “Pickles And Gin” that it takes a while for your ears to catch up. That, plus the 44 pages of anarchic adventures and chaotic cartoon capers featuring the band and drawn by Clem, make this release well worth picking up—literally.

Silver Sprocket

“The Faster You Go The Better You Think”