The Night Is Ours

There's a point on Youth Group's third full-length when vocalist Toby Martin sings, "I understand that the root of pain is beauty." That line is an apt description of the ideology behind The Night Is Ours. (There's also a line in the same song, "In My Dreams," about dressing up like Allen Ginsberg, but don't ask us what that means.) While the album's lyrics may often be bleak-the melancholy ballad "Dying At Your Own Party" is about falling overboard unnoticed–The Night Is Ours' sonic splendor shines like a beacon on everything from upbeat, Morrissey-esque rockers ("All This Will Pass") to orchestral ballads ("What Is A Life?"). Sure, The Night Is Ours may not always be uplifting, but it is undeniably inspiring-and only gets better with each listen.

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