Titus Andronicus

The Most Lamentable Tragedy

You’re gonna be hard-pressed to find a more ambitious 2015 release than this one. Over the course of 90 minutes and 29 tracks, Titus Andronicus explore the many details and facets of frontman Patrick Stickles’ clinical depression. The New Jersey-based band of sonic adventurers do it by throwing every musical idea against the wall: fist-pumping Springsteen-esque rock (“Fatal Flaw”), growling pop/punk (“I Lost My Mind”), buzzing guitar interludes, piano ballads (“No Future Part V”), and even an accordion-led sea shanty (“Stable Boy”). As this brilliant and daring album moves forward, Stickles reopens old psychic wounds, striving to turn his intensely personal struggle into something triumphant and universal. The album demands a lot from our short-attention-span culture, but it’s not time you’ll feel like you’ve wasted.

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Lonely Boy