Trash Talk – Awake EP

October 12, 2011
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Trash Talk

Awake EP

Five songs in just under nine minutes. Competing vocalists—the high-pitched, nearly breathless scream of frontman Lee Spielman versus the chest-thumping roar of bassist Spencer Pollard. Guitar like a giant can opener peeling the roof off the garden shed you’re living in because your parents got sick of hearing punk rock blaring out of your room all day and all night. Drums like an endless hail of rivets fired from 60 stories up by a construction worker gone mad. Trash Talk have spent the last few years earning a stellar rep as an ultraviolent, adrenaline-crazed live act, and it translates extremely well to the studio. This is punk like OFF!, Cloak/Dagger, Trap Them or All Pigs Must Die—the ugly, desperate, enraged shit that makes life, well, if not worth living, at least tolerable for another eight-and-a-half minutes. Inject this one straight into your brain.

True Panther Sounds

“Gimme Death”

Written by Phil Freeman