Turnover are a band true to their name. Their full-length debut, Magnolia, is a tremendous improvement for the Virginia Beach act, who ditch the generic, nasal pop-punk flair of their earlier EPs for a style of emo that can't be directly tied to just one movement of the last 15 years. It's similar to the progression Fireworks made from their early work to their last album, Gospel, but maybe even more drastic. One can hear everything from the Promise Ring (“Most Of The Time,” the intro and outro of “Wither”) to Polar Bear Club (the lightly wailing guitar in the breakdown of “Bloom”) as the album eases along its 34-minute course. But Turnover have their own hushed hooks, decidedly soft, restrained flow and hazy atmospheres that seem to otherwise set themselves apart.

While tracks like “Wither,” “Bloom” and “Like A Whisper” do retain the band's chugging speeds of yore, and the vocal delivery could feel more emotional, Magnolia is an enjoyable, easygoing affair with a handful of creative nuances scattered about. When the band perk up and yearn a little more (the aforementioned “Most Of The Time,” by far the longest track at 4:36) or craft a little more tension (“To The Bottom”), it makes for some notably strong moments, and something the band will hopefully build upon on for future endeavors. Still, as is, Magnolia is practically a watershed moment for these guys, pulling Turnover from the pop-punk ghetto and branding them with a far stronger and more unique identity that's pleasing to listen to unfold.

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“Most Of The Time”