Two Tongues

Two Tongues Two

Aggressive Electro Rock

ROCKS LIKE: Circa Survive, the Matches, Brand New

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: Max Bemis and Chris Conley are back on, and their new album makes every effort to not sound like a collection of scrapped Say Anything or Saves The Day tracks. The band embrace a slow build through several songs with the use of an array of sporadic instrumentation and vocal distortion (most prevalent on “Bateman”), while “We Can Work” borrows from the doo-wop era with a sample of “I Only Have Eyes For You.” 

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The only expectation higher than the original 2009 collaboration is this follow-up. Two Tongues v.2 may sound instrumentally different, but if it’s vocals you’re after, they’re still the yin to the other’s yang.

OUR PICK: “Azalea”