Wavering Radiant

After a decade of mining for musical gold in the existential muck of human despair, Isis continue to evolve from their humble beginnings of Neurosis worship. Wavering Radiant continues the progression, introducing increased use of Rhodes piano and melodic vocals-welcome additions that sturdily balance the soul-smashing doom passages. Isis have beaten heaviness to death, and it was clear from 2006's In The Absence Of Truth that the band strive to explore uncharted musical territory. There's a hint of former tourmates Tool's influence, evident in the flanged bass sound on "Ghost Key" and the wandering prog feel throughout. "Hall Of The Dead" summarizes much of the album: A simmering, quiet passage that crashes into multi-layered slow metal. Though the length of the songs can prove daunting (most are over eight minutes), the album is arguably one of Isis' finest moments.

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