We Are The Union

Graveyard Grins EP

Maybe it’s the horns, or maybe it’s the Nintendo-glitch outro in “Thank You,” but it’s pretty clear that the melodic hardcore on We Are The Union’s Graveyard Grins EP isn’t strictly of the loud, hard, fast and angry variety. These guys might be inspired by Kid Dynamite and Descendents (all four songs are appropriately energetic, and “Thank You” is even a Descendents cover), but they throw in blaring horns and some goofiness in all the right places. Strangely enough, the band excel during the slower, more ska moments on this four-song EP: The horn blasts at the beginning of “Do What You Love…” are the perfect intro to a mid-tempo number that sounds like what would happen if someone convinced Voodoo Glow Skulls to slow down and write a simpler song without all of the chaotic-ska nonsense (and with a hint of the Flatliners’ grit, as well).

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“If I Can’t Smoke Or Swear, I’m Fucked”