Wear Your Wounds


FILE UNDER: Depressive Art-Rock

ROCKS LIKE: Neurosis, Swans, Pink Floyd

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Wear Your Wounds is Converge frontman Jake Bannon’s new project. The songs started out as lo-fi home recordings, but have been filled out by Converge’s Kurt Ballou, the Red Chord’s Mike McKenzie, Trap Them’s Chris Maggio and Hatebreed’s F. Sean Martin. Most are between six and nine minutes long, and feature subdued vocals from Bannon amid a sonic storm of piano, acoustic and electric guitar, and morose/martial drumming. It’s an artful and heartfelt sound that matches the deep and introspective lyrics.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Converge have slowed down in the past, but Wear Your Wounds represents an entirely new approach for Bannon. He’s singing, not screaming, and the music is genuinely beautiful in a haunted, intensely withdrawn sort of way.

OUR PICK: “Breaking Point”