Dance Gavin Dance


Catchy Progcore

ROCKS LIKE: The Mars Volta, Chon, Emarosa

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: We’re seven albums into Dance Gavin Dance’s lovably erratic career, yet they remain as fresh as ever. That tried-and-true post-hardcore backbone is ever-present, fortified with prog-rock guitars, bigger vocal hooks and cohesion that makes this set (and whatever-genre-they’re-a-part-of’s) their best yet.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Every member’s in fine form here. You expect Tilian Pearson’s pristine choruses, but his rasp on “Deception” is vicious. We know Will Swan’s a fretboard virtuoso, but smarter breaks make his high-speed licks rise to the top.

OUR PICK: “Chucky Vs. The Giant Tortoise”