When The Fabric Don’t Fit The Frame

It might be difficult to imagine a NYHC tough-guy take on the kind of throwback pop-punk perfected by bands like One Man Army or Dillinger Four, but Joe Coffee did it. Anointing themselves "thug pop," these New York natives have crafted an equally tough and touching album with When The Fabric Don't Fit The Frame. Led by singer Rev. Paul Bearer, formerly of NYHC legends Sheer Terror, the late-era Mighty Mighty Bosstones-type sound projected by this newest project is nothing if not surprising, and thankfully, it also fucking rules. From the power-pop opening of "Don't Sweat It, Steal It," Fabric is catchy and urgent, reminiscent of Leatherface's Horsebox, but with all the depressing heartbreak replaced by a well-worn sense of humor and hope–plus the odd hardcore growl. 

I Scream www.iscreamrecords.com