Past Lives EP

First off, three-song EPs are the best. Quick, easy, and in the case of New Jersey’s Worriers, totally enjoyable. Featuring members of Night Birds and the Measure [SA], Worriers tread the lighter side of the punk path, with pop hooks and sing-along choruses. Fans of both Night Birds’ raw garage punk/hardcore and the Measure [SA]’s speedier, gruffer punk will find even more melody to latch onto, but without as much immediate punch. Instead, we get a slow burn that sounds inspired by folk-punkers the Weakerthans (fittingly, one song is called “Deconstruction Site”) with sweet female vocals by Lauren Denitzio that swoon in their off-key awkwardness, much in the same vein as John K. Samson. The nonchalant opening riff of “Promise Me (You'll Never Say That In Front Of My Friends)” is particularly charming. Another great thing about super-short EPs is they keep us interested for a potential full-length or, even better, subsequent EPs. It’s good to hear Worriers are sticking with it—and will hopefully deliver more stellar pop-punk songs soon.

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“Past Lives”