Write The Down

Lost Weekend

Definitely a product of the ’90s, we’d bet our spiked face jewelry that the members of Write This Down spent a lot of time during their youths listening to Linkin Park, Papa Roach and Disturbed. The so-dirty-it’s-clean guitar sound brings us right back to the days of teen angst seen through the eyes of front-dudes in their late 20s with names like Mike, Dave and, um, Jacoby. But there are other huge influences that can be heard on Lost Weekend, the Minneapolis quartet’s second album. If the thought of tongue-wagging pop-punk (think Blink-182) and/or sappy arena-emo (think Angels & Airwaves) combined with ’90s nü metal makes you want to run in the opposite direction, then you’d be well advised to do so, and fast. Those who can get past that hurdle will find lots of hum-worthy moments (“The Florida Rage” has a vocal line to die for), although we’ve yet to mention the lyrics. Be prepared for laments about being on the road, missing your girlfriend, being unfaithful to your girlfriend while on the road, then lamenting the unfaithfulness… and that’s all in one song (“Cheap Affairs”). The most ironic moment comes when these guys start high-pitch-screaming about the predictability of dance music, all the while trying to get their own place on the dancefloor with the radio-ready “I’ll Make You Famous.” Oh, and somehow they manage to eek out a pretty shit-hot nü-metal version of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak.” See? Children of the ’90s.

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“Crash And Burn”