Bastard Child Death Cult

Year Zero

It should come as no surprise after seeing the band name that Bastard Child Death Cult are not an emo band. In fact, BCDC (featuring former Cancer Bats drummer Joel Bath) couldn’t be more straight-down-the-middle if they were driving in the turning lane. This is aggressive, dirty, nasty punk rock, in the vein of pre-Rollins Black Flag and anarchic squatter punks like Discharge. There’s nothing pop, emotional or gothic on Year Zero; instead, BCDC’s full-length debut is filled with 10 songs that blur into each other without letting up. The album wallows in its single-minded monotony, offering no apologies or sign of compromise, and certainly no mid-record ballads. Year Zero is the aural equivalent of a kick in the face from a particularly mean bouncer and in that, it should be celebrated. People requiring more dynamism from their punk rock bands should look elsewhere. 

Stereo Dynamite