Your Friend’s ‘Gumption’ album is delightfully dreary

January 19, 2016
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Your Friend


Gumption is a musical oxymoron of sorts—delightfully dreary. It's the score for sitting at your window and watching the rain fall outside on a dark day as you question reality, unsure if you're awake or dreaming. Akin to (and sure to be mistaken for) the work of Beach House, Taryn Miller's newest release as Your Friend drones on in self-reflection and personal nostalgia. It's hypnotizing and cathartic as Miller's beautiful vocals guide you on your own mellow journey through lo-fi, experimental excellence on tracks like “Desired Things” and the album opener, “Heathering.” There's a haunting aura to the effort as a whole, both in Miller's genuinely organic delivery and the eerie, nuanced sounds she's created to back it all. Gumption is lulling and full of life in equal measure. 



Written by Alternative Press Magazine