Revisit your favorite Tom DeLonge era with these custom skateboard decks

Tom DeLonge is revisiting some of his most legendary eras in the form of custom skateboard decks.

Over the past few weeks, DeLonge has launched a series of custom decks that symbolize specific times in his life. This week, he dropped his third deck called “Father” and it looks like a blink-182 era deck may be on its way next.

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Outside of his research with To The Stars Academy, fascination with UFOs and music with Angels & Airwaves, Tom DeLonge is a big skateboarder. Back in 2020, he exclusively told Alternative Press how immersed in skateboarding culture he actually is.

“I’m still very into skateboarding,” he said. “And I follow a huge amount of Instagram feeds on skateboarding because I’m still blown away by the difficulty of the sport and the damage it does to your body every single time you fall. [Laughs.] I wish I could do the stuff that I watch. It’s just a wonderful sport. And I always tell people when you get into skateboarding as a kid, the weirder you are, the cooler you are in that culture. That’s just a wonderful culture to be a part of when you want to figure out who you are. And, you know, punk music was the same way. You can have green hair and make stupid jokes and not get a job, and you get points for it.”

So, it’s really no surprise DeLonge is taking his passion for skateboarding to the next level. Over the past few weeks, DeLonge has been releasing a series of custom skateboard decks that are inspired by certain eras in his life. The first EVOLUTION deck, called “Punker,” is inspired by his younger years. The design features an old photo of DeLonge with a less than impressed facial expression.

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“Ok, below are four versions of me. And each one is a big piece of who I am… Enjoy these custom skate decks for wall art if you are interested in my history of being a passionate and psychotic human.”

The second deck is the ultimate nod to his skateboarding roots. The “Skater” deck features a throwback photo of DeLonge in the middle of performing a skateboard trick.

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The third deck, which debuted on Feb. 25, is the “Father” skateboard deck. The black and white design includes a heartwarming photo of him with one of his kids.

The last deck in the EVOLUTION collection arrives on Mar. 4 and many are convinced it’s inspired by Boomer. DeLonge portrayed the iconic character during blink-182’s video for “First Date.” Based on the colors of the mysterious skateboard deck, fans think DeLonge is bringing back his classic music video persona for the final release in the EVOLUTION series.

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All four of the custom skateboard decks are available in a pre-order bundle for $230. Otherwise, they are being sold separately for $60.

Along with releasing new skateboard decks, DeLonge is hard at work in the recording studio. Earlier this month, he got many Angels & Airwaves fans excited when he teased a new clip of an unreleased song. More recently, he shared on Instagram that one of the band’s unreleased songs has the temporary name of “DISSCO.”


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As well, production has officially wrapped for DeLonge’s new film Monsters Of California. The project, which he co-wrote, marks his directorial debut. Earlier this month, DeLonge tweeted that the sci-fi movie will help spark a conversation pertaining to his research with To The Stars Academy.

The important thing is, the movies that @ToTheStarsMedia is planning to do next. I wonder if they will spark controversy, wonder or both? My upcoming film “Monsters of CA” will help start that conversation.”

What are your reactions to Tom DeLonge’s custom skateboard decks? Do you think the last one is Boomer-inspired? Let us know in the comments below.