Canadian EDM artist/DJ/producer REZZ is on a hot streak. From working with Aaron Gillespie to massive virtual reality gigs, she’s tempered electronics with a rock edge for maximum groove. Today AltPress is premiering REZZ’s new video, “Someone Else.” Fortified with vocal contributions from Grabbitz, the song evokes a sinister groove that will appeal to dance music devotees as well as industrial rivetheads waiting patiently for a Nine Inch Nails tour.

The video features a woman who appears to be held captive in a room full of computers recording her every move and thought. But as the video goes on, things aren’t what they truly appear to be. Is she who she thinks she is? Is she even real?

“I love Grabbitz’s lyrics in this song,” REZZ explains. “Not everyone gets to see who we are behind closed doors. Ultimately, that’s the message we wanted to convey with the video. Like we see from the girl in the video, who we present as on the outside doesn’t always match with who we truly are.”

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REZZ says teaming up with Buffalo, New York, artist/producer Grabbitz came together right away. She usually builds tracks and then presents them to collaborators. “Almost all of my songs are just me messing around,” she says. “And as soon as I come up with a melody or a sound that inspires me, it all comes together from there. I suppose there are ‘happy accidents’ at the beginning. But once an idea is there, things become more intentional.”

REZZ reveals that plans for the video were almost ruined by the coronavirus pandemic. “This video actually wasn’t the original treatment for the song,” she explains. “We had to cancel our original shoot due to COVID-19 restrictions. We needed a new video last minute, so I hit up my tour VJ Cam MacNeill to create and direct a new video idea based around our new restrictions. Mine and Grabbitz’s clips were actually shot on our iPhones at home. Really stoked on how everything came together!”

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Coming off last year’s Beyond The Senses EP, “Someone Else” is another high point in REZZ’s canon. We might be forced to stay home, but she’s got a full schedule. She’s appearing in a new documentary, Underplayed, which probes the marginalization of women in dance music. “I’m really excited [about] the music I’ve been working on,” she says of her future plans. “Lots of really cool collabs in the works that I can’t wait to share with everyone. I’ve been exploring and pushing my limits on who I am as an artist and producer.”

Check out the video for “Someone Else” below and see how awesome creativity on the fly can actually be. You may stream/buy the track here.