Red Hot Chili Peppers are known for their love of California, which includes the Los Angeles Lakers. If you regularly partake in watching basketball, you probably saw frontman Anthony Kiedis enjoying the Lakers game against the Houston Rockets Saturday.

Except he wasn’t just watching the game. Like many people might find themselves doing during a passionate game, Kiedis was screaming.

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Kiedis and fellow bandmate Flea were some of the celebrities seen at the Lakers game. Much of the focus was put on LeBron James, who was making his Lakers debut. Tensions were high throughout the game, with the two teams eventually breaking out into a fight in the fourth quarter.

Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul, Lakers guard Rajon Rondo and Lakers forward Brandon Ingram all received suspensions by the NBA after throwing punches on the court. This, of course, got fans riled up. Kiedis could be seen yelling at Paul during the fight and as the Rockets player was leaving.

Kiedis even made a move to approach the player, but was ultimately escorted away by security. As he was being ejected from the game, he flipped the bird at Houston staffers and Paul himself.

After the game, Flea took to Instagram to reflect on the night. He even made a brief mention to the chaos that followed, but ultimately was lighthearted.

“At the Lakers game last night with my dear brother,” Flea writes. “It got crazy at the end, but man I get so satisfied, deeply drinking in the depth and beauty of the game. People operating at a high level in so many dimensions. Cerebral, physical, spiritual, emotional, unspoken and telepathic communication. I truly love basketball with my [heart].”


It’s unknown if Kiedis has any lasting punishments for his behavior on Saturday, but the suspended NBA players will be sitting on the bench without pay for at least two games.