Rick And Morty fans are still anxiously awaiting new episodes following the completion of the third season in October 2017.

Little to no word has come from the show’s camp on when season 4 will arrive. However, there’s some new content on the way from co-creator Justin Roiland to hold fans over until then.

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Roiland has teased that the upcoming episodes are “feeling preeeetty great.”

While we wait to see jus how great they are, the co-creator’s game development company, Squanch Games, is releasing a new PlayStation game. It features the art style and voice acting of the beloved animated sci-fi series.

PlayStation Europe’s YouTube channel gave the first look at Trover Saves The Universe yesterday, giving the same flair that Rick And Morty provides with its raunchy humor and lovable characters.

The protagonist, Trover, shares an almost identical voice with Morty, while multiple characters seen throughout the trailer share a similar voice inflection to Rick.

Roiland seems to voice most of the characters in the game, which holds over 20 hours of dialogue packed in 8 hours of gameplay, according to IGN.

Fans should be as excited, as IGN’s review describes the game as a playable Rick And Morty episode. Needless to say, we can’t wait to play it.

Check out the trailer below.

Trover Saves The Universe will be available on PlayStation 4 May 31 and PC June 4. You can preorder the game on either platform here.

Following the path of Rick And Morty-themed games, the show recently teamed up with Operation for a special edition of the popular buzzing board game.

The patient in the game is our favorite homeless mall Santa, Ruben, who hosted an amusement park in his body in a previous episode of the show.

What do you think of Trover Saves The Universe? Sound off in the comments below!

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