Rick And Morty will somehow be live streaming Bethesda’s latest installment of their post-apocalyptic universe, Fallout 76.

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Though the game's release date isn't until Nov. 14, the beta version of the multiplayer online game has been in its testing period for a few weeks now.

While fans wait in anticipation for the official release, Bethesda hasn't been letting anyone down with their mess of varied, and interesting, promotion.

Fallout 76

"We’re taking the biggest streamer on the planet, a once-in-a-generation rap talent, the most beloved animated comedy duo of our time, and forcing them to survive together in the wasteland of Appalachia," Bethesda posted to their website. "The good news is you don’t have to travel to an alternate dimension to find out what happens!"

We're not sure how Rick and Morty will play the game in the first place but you can tune into Bethesda’s Mixer, Twitch, or Microsoft’s Mixer channel on Thursday, Nov. 8 for "an unprecedented Fallout 76 stream on Xbox One."

Will you be watching Fallout 76's Rick and Morty livestream? Let us know in the comments!

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