rico nasty intrusive
[Photo by Alexis Gross]

Rico Nasty drops new single "Intrusive"—watch

Rico Nasty has dropped her new single, “Intrusive,” alongside a music video. The track is the second release from her forthcoming project.

“Intrusive” was produced by Ben10k and Danes Blood.

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“Intrusive” is an appropriate name for the track as Rico hops between sonic and intellectual concepts. She creates a tower of self-aggrandizement, with the throbbing bass serving as the fasteners holding the structure together.

The video is similarly chaotic as Nasty is being prepped by her makeup team before deciding to go to a corner store on a whim. Her journey is punctuated by text that interrupts the video at random times, sometimes calling for “YT people to stop saying n*** at the shows” or simply asking whether “Takis and ice cream are a good combo.”

Nasty appeared in Alternative Press issue #404, where she interviewed one of her inspirations Avril Lavigne. Grab a copy below.




Watch the “Intrusive” video below.