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FILE UNDER: A working shoegaze reunion

ROCKS LIKE: Title Fight, Nothing, Beach House

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: For their first new album in over two decades, this U.K. quartet don’t dare to try and replicate past glories. Just as their 2015 reunion tour proved, they’re approaching the “dream pop” sound they helped cultivate in the ’90s with well-earned maturity and some fresh influences such as ambient electronica and modern strains of psychedelic rock.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: All four original members are back in the fold and each one sounds like they’re playing with purpose and energy. And with their place in the British pop firmament secure, they’re comfortable with combining some propulsive rockers (the David Foster Wallace-referencing “Lateral Alice”) and closing the album with a trio of spacey experiments that land with a hushed whisper rather than a bang.

OUR PICK: “Rocket Silver Symphony”

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