It has been a little over five years since one of the most beloved bands in the world posted that dreadful message March 22, 2013. Since the ~hypothetical~ demise of My Chemical Romance, the band have only grown in popularity, still carrying an ever-growing cult fanbase. The fans’ hope and devotion keeps a band who have been away for half a decade still alive and well in the hearts of millions.

In an interview with inews, MCR’s frontman Gerard Way talked in depth of the band’s breakup.

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“But when Danger Days was out, we had Obama, things were going really well, we were making so much progress,” Way said. “I’m able to read the writing on the wall pretty clearly, and I was like, ‘Nobody really needs us now—I think it’s time to finish.’”

Well guess what we don’t have anymore, Gerard? Obama.

Anyway, here are 10 ridiculous fan theories that might not be plausible, but they will absolutely get us through another week without MCR.

1. My Chemical Romance are copying Smashing Pumpkins

One of the most popular fan theories might just be crazy enough to work. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mikey Way claimed that after seeing the Smashing Pumpkins at Madison Square Garden, the band had a revelation. “Me and [Gerard] were both like, ‘This is the band we want to be,’” Way recalls. “We want to save people’s lives.”

With that being said, the theory goes that My Chemical Romance wanted to also follow the same timeline of the Smashing Pumpkins. First, they both lost their original drummer in the same time frame. Second, MCR were a band for 12 years before they broke up, as were the Smashing Pumpkins. However, the Smashing Pumpkins got back together after a six-year hiatus, which if MCR truly wanted to follow in their footsteps, they too would get back together in 2019.

2. Danger Days hinted at the band’s return
mcr california 2019

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The music video for the song “Na Na Na” was set in California in 2019. Falling in line with the Smashing Pumpkins theory, MCR could have very well known that their time as a band was coming to an end. Could they have planned to return in 2019 when they recorded Danger Days?

3. The cryptic TBP 10-year anniversary video in 2016 meant ~more~

In 2016, hundreds of thousands of MCR stans were betrayed. Literally how could Warner Bros. not expect this? You can’t post “MCRX / 9/23/16” without knowing what you are doing to the most dedicated fanbase in the world. Sure, this theory was crushed as soon as the label clarified that it was just for the 10-year anniversary reissue of The Black Parade, but if you were on Twitter in 2016, everything was hellfire. Theories popped up everywhere. It was a mess. And some of us still haven’t recovered.

4. MCR were so scared of teenagers, they decided to skip those years
gerard way theory

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We all know the song “Teenagers,” and we also know, because of that song, that Gerard Way was scared of them. From this Tumblr blog came this interesting theory.

User ggerardslayy thinks that MCR were so scared of teenagers that their hiatus (or breakup) was planned to avoid the teenage years. Think about it: MCR were a band for 12 years. If the band came back in 2019, they would be 18 years old, thus being a legal adult in the United States, completely skipping the stage of raging hormones and pubescent destruction. Doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea, tbh.

5. They have all hung out together
Remember when the members of My Chemical Romance reconvened at a Frank Iero And The Patience show last year? We do. And do you actually expect us to believe that they didn’t talk about getting the gang back together? No way.

OK sure, they probably just wanted to support their longtime friends and catch up or talk about being dads or whatever, but we can dream.

6. Gerard literally said a reunion was possible

In an interview with Billboard, Gerard said, “I wouldn’t count [a reunion] out, but at the same time everybody’s doing stuff in their lives now that they’re really enjoying.”

Take as much time as you need, guys. We’ll be here.

7. The last song MCR released was “Fake Your Death”

Like, come ON.

8. Warner Bros. released, like, a million outtakes to build hype

Just like that one time when Warner Bros. decided it was a good idea to cryptically promote TBP’s 10-year anniversary re-release, they also decided to dump hours worth of MCR music video outtakes to millions of fans. These releases sent fans into a frenzy, hoping that the label was doing it to build hype for a possible reunion tour.

Was it actually just a corporate ploy to milk a dead band’s legacy for money? Probably. Are we willing to accept that wholeheartedly? Nope.

11 absolutely ridiculous MCR fan theories that are just crazy enough to work
Photo by: Youtube/My Chemical Romance - Blood Previously Unreleased/Superpizza8
9. twenty one pilots are actually MCR

In this satirical video, YouTube creator Punkprinc3ss compiled this list that suggests twenty one pilots are just MCR in disguise. From the spookily similar red eyeshadow to references to skeletons, this theory may seem a bit far-fetched. Regardless, we love it. We stan a TOP/MCR queen.

10. Shrek predicted the MCR timeline

In this fan theory, Reddit user shadow_dwagon_rawr posted this compelling timeline:

2001 — My Chemical Romance start as a band, Shrek 1 released
2004 — MCR release highly successful second album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, Shrek 2 released
2007 — MCR embark on world tour of The Black Parade, Shrek 3 released
2010 — My Chem put out Danger Days, Shrek 4 released
2019 — ???, Shrek 5 release date

We’re not saying we believe it, but the numbers are there.

11. They have hinted at “upcoming tour dates” in the past
EXPLAIN THIS, WARNER BROTHERS. My Chemical Romance’s website has since been edited, but this could have hinted toward the possibility of a very real reunion tour.

Just imagine how much money this label could have made off nerdy little emo kids like us. Thinking about it, there is no way they aren’t trying. At this point, a reunion rests in the hands of MCR themselves.