Turnstile's “T.L.C.” soundtracks Riley Hawk's new skateboarding video for ‘Thrasher’

Riley Hawk, Warish frontman and son of Tony Hawk, recently used Turnstile‘s “T.L.C. (TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION)” as the soundtrack for a new Thrasher skateboarding video.

We couldn’t describe the video any better than its description, which reads, “Riley flies down rails and attacks some banks while Turnstile stomps the soundtrack.” Check it out below.

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Riley also appeared in an interview for Thrasher Magazine. He describes the “five greats” in a series of categories ranging from “things to scream when you’re mad” to “advice from dad.”

The latter includes “Always be genuine and take a second because a small moment that may not mean much to you — a fan will remember for the rest of their lives.” He also adds, “A frontside air is not called a frontside Indy.”

In addition, Riley named his top-five lead guitarists. His list included Jimi Hendrix, Ron Asheton, Wayne Kramer, Jus Oborn and Isaiah Mitchell.