Hammer Of The Witch

Cleveland’s own Ringworm are easily in the running for Angriest Band On Earth. Their blend of hardcore primitivism (that bass intro to “Leave Your Skin At The Door”!), thrash riffing and the astonishing vocals of James “Human Furnace” Bulloch makes Hatebreed and Terror sound like Tegan And Sara. Hammer Of The Witch is their Relapse debut, but it doesn’t represent much of a change from the pattern established on their four albums for Victory—and that’s a good thing. Ringworm riff; you mosh. Human Furnace roars and howls; you shout along, and mosh. The occasional squealing guitar solo punctuates the barrage, offering a momentary rest break, before it’s time to get back to moshing. This is a knuckle-walking, face-punching, tooth-spitting hardcore/metal album that’ll have you looking around for things and people that could use a good kicking.

Relapse http://www.relapse.com

“Leave Your Skin At The Door”