Riot Fest turned New Found Glory, Against Me!, more into Garbage Pail Kids trading cards

Next weekend is Riot Fest (it’s not like we’ve been counting down the days or anything…), and appearing on their merch tables will be some seriously sick Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, featuring some of our favorite bands.

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Last year’s class included Garbage Pail Kids of Fat Mike, The Lawrence Harmed, Ray Gun, Mad Milo, Riot Festus, Awesome Andrew, Taking Back Tidal Wave, and GWAR Noir.

This year’s Riot Fest Garbage Pail Kids Series Two are just as awesome—and, according to the folks over at Riot Fest, are seriously collectible.

Class of 2017:

1) Riot Fest (“Riot Beast”) 
2) New Found Glory (“New Found Gory”) 
3) Against Me! (“Agnes T. Me!”) 
4) Tim Armstrong (“Tim Strong Arm”) 
5) Mighty Mighty Bosstones (“Mighty Migh-Ty”) 
6) Rise Against (“Rise Aghast”) 
7) Fishbone (“Fisher Bone”) 
8) Hellzapoppin’ Circus Sideshow Revue (“Heads-Zapoppin”) 
9) “The Port-a-Parties” 
10) “Riot Feast”

Each pack of Riot Fest Garbage Pail Kids comes with the full ten-card set, and it’ll be available in limited quantities at Riot Fest’s march area.

Check out images of a few of the trading cards below. (Our favorite has to be “Agnes T. Me!”)

Will you be picking up a pack of Garbage Pail Kids cards? Let us know in the comments below!