Rise And Fall


It doesn’t take long on Rise And Fall’s fourth album, Faith, for the Belgian bloodletters to challenge the speed and fury of labelmates All Pigs Must Die and Converge. This is some angry, pissed-off, maniacal chaos that takes raw chunks of D-beat, thrash metal, noise rock, hardcore and even a little bit of shoegaze (“Things Are Different Now”) and throws it all into an industrial mixing machine. What comes out is disgusting, possibly even poisonous. There has always been a place for sonic art that revels in chaos and fury; listening to Faith in its entirety could affect someone’s psyche in a very bad way. But for those that revel in the scream therapy of punishing hardcore/metal done well, Rise And Fall might just get them through a tough time. Better to floorpunch and windmill like a crazy person to an under-two-minute, galloping blast (“Hidden Hands”) than to punch through a plate glass window or smash your head against a wall, right?

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