Riverdale and Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina creators said they decided not to create a crossover between the shows.

However, fans of the two Netflix series are still looking for details that tie them together. And they might have found something.

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In the Archie Comics universe, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa created the modern spin-off comic Afterlife With Archie. The spin-off comics centered around a zombie apocalypse in Riverdale. Originally, the CW adaptation would take a supernatural turn... Which is the perfect opportunity to combine the two worlds.

However, it never happened.

Fans still believe the shows are tied together, though. According to a theory shared on Reddit, one specific Riverdale episode from season 2 has links to Sabrina.

User artdeco_94 believes episode seven of Riverdale's season 2, "Tales from the Darkside" happens at the same time as CAoS Season 1 Episode 7. Their argument is pretty convincing.

Alert: Spoilers ahead!

"I believe the strange man with the truck that Archie and Jughead run into in the Riverdale episode had the killed deer “familiar” from Sabrina," the user writes.

If your memory needs a little refreshing, the aforementioned episode is the one in which Jughead and Archie go to Greendale to deliver Penny Peabody's mysterious crate.

"The deer killed in ‘CAoS’ by the Kinkles is guarded by the witches in the woods," the user continues. "I believe that the deer in the man’s truck was in fact the killed familiar because another deer that Archie witnesses right after the truck helping fix Archie’s car left seemed to be hyper aware as if it was on a mission or tasked to follow and keep watch."

Let's recap. On Riverdale Season 2 Episode 7, the men who offers Archie and Jughead a ride has the corpse of a deer in the back of his truck, as Elite Daily notes.

According to the theory, the dead animal is one of the "familiars" mentioned during Sabrina's Season 1 Episode 7. The user also notes that this is the same episode in which Ben Button from Riverdale makes an appearance. That makes the connection even more likely.

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