In one of the most fitting games made for a television show in recent history, TV Guide decided to play with our hearts and make the cast of Riverdale guess if a line came from character Jughead Jones or a mid-2000s emo band.

The game put seven of the Riverdale cast members to the test. And while fans of the show are probably judging them for not knowing their fellow cast member's lines, we’re sitting here wondering if they remember 2006.

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After watching the video a couple of times, our calculations confirm only four were familiar with Panic! At The Disco’s “This Is Gospel.”

Additionally, six out of the seven cast members are familiar with My Chemical Romance’s “Helena.” While we might be bias, we all think these numbers should be perfect seven out of sevens.

However, at least Cole Sprouse got all ten of the questions correct—But, you know, it would be insulting if he didn’t as he plays the emo character in question. 

All jokes aside, we think the game itself was hilariously fun. Even if the segment was a tad frustrating for any emo kid at heart, we admire the cast's valiant efforts. 

That said, we think creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa definitely got some dialogue inspiration from some of our favorite bands. 

You can play the game along with the actors of the show for yourselves below.

Riverdale is currently airing Season 3 on the CW. The series is said to hit Netflix sometime in May of this year, according to PopBuzz. You can watch the trailer for the third season below.

How many did you get right out of 10? What are you hoping for in the remainder of Season 3? Let us know your score in the comments below.

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