As Riverdale Season 3 moves onward, fans have come up with a new fan theory that could truly shake things up a bit, especially for the Cooper family.

According to a Reddit post, fans are beginning to think the new character on Riverdale, Kurtz, looks a lot like Alice and FP’s child.

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If you recall back in Season 2, Chic was introduced to the Cooper family as their “long lost son” that Alice left in the hands of the Sisters Of The Quiet Mercy. However, it wasn’t long before it was revealed that Chic wasn’t who he said he was. Instead, Chic said that FP and Alice’s real son, Charles Smith, had actually died.

However, Riverdale watchers were never ready to believe Chic for a second. With the introduction of this new character, many are now believing that Kurtz could actually be Charles Smith.

If you don’t believe them, check out a photo comparing the SOQM’s file to the new character below.

I stole this from insta... I mean I can see it but also think it’s crazy. ?❤️ why I love Riverdale. from r/riverdale

Additionally, according to Elite Daily, fans think that Kurtz, the leader of the Gargoyle Gang could also be the Gargoyle King. With his really weird relationship to Gryphons and Gargoyles, many fans think all arrows point to the new character.

However, as pointed out by Elite Daily, having a new character turn out to be the sinister villain may not be satisfying for fans of the show.

Additionally, another Reddit theory begins to bridge concepts between the Gargoyle King and the SOQM. You can check out the very in-depth theory here. So, perhaps Kurtz could be both

You can check out the trailer for Riverdale Season 3 below.

What do you think about the fan theories surrounding Riverdale’s Kurtz? Sound off in the comments below.

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