Hilarious pop-punkers ROAM recently visited the offices of Alternative Press to share some of their many spooky stories. Spooky stories include the surprisingly creepy tale of the faint sound of trickling urine heard during an evening stroll near a haunted castle.

The ROAM boys also recalled a particularly chilling experience they had while touring with pop punk legends New Found Glory. That experience apparently moved a member to tears. They also shared an encounter with the haunting sound of someone running in an attic.

Turn on all of the lights, get ready to burn some sage and allow ROAM to take you on a guided tour of their close encounters with the great beyond...

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ROAM celebrated the first birthday of their most recent LP, Great Heights and Nosedives. The album is the band's second release through through Hopeless Records, a direct follow up to their 2016 debut Backbone.

Before they signed to Hopeless Records in 2014, ROAM was independently touring and releasing music. They released their first EP No Common Ground in 2012. A second release quickly followed, with Head Down released in 2013.

Since the release of Great Heights and Nosedives, the ROAM boys have been touring around the UK and U.S., most recently with Like Pacific. They also released a special acoustic version of their song "Playing Fiction" to share with fans ahead of the tour. You can listen to it below.