In a record that could have easily been lost in the beachhead of U.K. pop-punk releases from musical brethren like As It Is and labelmates Neck Deep, as well as U.S. heavy hitters Knuckle Puck and State Champs, ROAM manage to do more than just tread water with their debut album. The Eastbourne quintet waste no time getting right down to the quintessential pop-punk elements—fast-paced tempos, speedy chord changes and loud guitars —on the lead single “Deadweight.” The core of the album drives home classic yet recharged pop-punk sensibilities (“All The Same,” “Hopeless Case,” “Bloodline,” “R.I.P. In Peace”) before slowing down for more stripped-down, intimate experiences (“Tracks,” “Tell Me”), further cementing ROAM as a breath of fresh air in an arguably watered-down genre.