Rob Zombie has made yet another appearance in a Jeopardy question, and he was pretty into it.

The artist was a $2,000 question during Friday’s episode of the long-running show.

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Host Alex Trebek read the question which said “In a Rob Zombie song, this ‘needs women’ and apparently, they need to be ‘angry red women.” The correct answer is, of course, “Mars” and the contestant named Bif knew it.

Zombie posted a clip of the episode on his Instagram, saying “Wow! I’m a 2000 dollar question on Jeopardy! Actually it’s my third time being a question.”



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Wow! I'm a 2000 dollar question on Jeopardy! Actually it's my third time being a question. #robzombie #jeopardy #marsneedswomen

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It’s true, Zombie has been on Jeopardy before. There was a question about his work in film as well as one question about White Zombie.

In other Zombie news, he recently revealed his upcoming film 3 From Hell is not complete yet despite previous beliefs that it was.

“I said the trilogy is complete but the movie 3 From Hell is not finished yet. Still got a couple months of work left.”

“It’s getting there and it is fucking awesome,” Zombie continues.

The new sequel seemingly continues the story of murderous drifters Otis Driftwood (Bill Moseley), Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) and “Baby” (played by Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie). Other cast include Danny Trejo and Clint Howard.

Hopefully once that film is done, Zombie can appear in yet another Jeopardy question.

Would you have known the answer to the third Rob Zombie Jeopardy question? Are you excited to see 3 From Hell? Sound off in the comments!

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