Rob Zombie has given fans their first peek at his new Munsters film. The director released the short clip via Instagram.

If the video is any indication, Zombie's remake will stay true to its source material.

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The black-and-white teaser is a near-exact remake of the original Munsters intro. The family patriarch (Jeff Daniel Phillips) comes crashing through the family's front door, and Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie) and Grandpa Munster (Daniel Roebuck) follow through the Herman-shaped hole. The trailer ends with the family, now depicted in full color, sitting together on a couch before Grandpa asks, "Well, now what?"

Although the teaser is mostly faithful to the original sitcom's opening, Eddie and Marilyn Munster are missing. Zombie hasn't confirmed who will play the two characters or if they are included in his reboot.

An official release date for Zombie's The Munsters hasn't yet been revealed, but the teaser assures audiences the film is coming sometime this year.

Check out The Munsters teaser below.